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Official Mystic Appreciation Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Official Mystic Appreciation Day!

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[03 May 2006|10:02pm]

Happy birthday to the sweetest gel around! *hugs and snuggles* :D

Since it's your birthday and all, and I'm sure you're eating lots of cake, how about having a bit of music to go along with it...Collapse )
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A tad late. [03 May 2006|07:22pm]

[ mood | content ]

A birthday present for you!Collapse )


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Happy Birthday! [03 May 2006|04:43pm]

We love you, Mystic! 


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[03 May 2006|03:49pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Happy 16th Birthday Mystic!!!

A presentCollapse )

♥ Hope your day is great!

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*celebrates* [03 May 2006|05:19pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Dear Mystic,

Thanks so much for PiC-ness, Fandom Fairy Tales, Icon Wars, Unofficial Appreciation Day, LJ-wide Anti-Stress Parties and other wonderful mayhem...and really, simply for being you. You ROX, and it's been a real privilege to have been able to catch ya on the blueside! ;) :wub: Happy Sixteenth Birthday! I hope it's as sweet as you are. And the very best of luck in all your future endeavours.

Brave Sir Icon comes out of retirement especially...Collapse )

:wub: and Happy Birthday!

from Nasnoona (and Brave Sir Icon)

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Around a star is spinning. [03 May 2006|10:46am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hi, Mystic!

A certain someoneCollapse )

wanted to send you flowers for your birthday, but he wasn't sure how he was going to get them here. So I went ahead and told him that I'd give them to you, from him:
Here they are!Collapse )

And, of course, because I love you more than he ever could, here are a few from me, too. :D
Happy Birthday, Claire!Collapse )

:wub: and *hugs* and wonderful things to you, my dear!

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[03 May 2006|08:58am]

I would like to present to you.... a birthday surpriseCollapse )

Happy birthday, Mystic! ♥
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Happy Birthday, Mystic Dearest! [03 May 2006|06:02am]

[ mood | happy ]

A little pic for youCollapse )

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[02 May 2006|09:12pm]

For mysticblueside on her sixteenth birthday! Yay! Happy birthday, dear! You rock! ♥

Only In Theory
A surfeit of Harry Potter theories, singing trousers, Neville/Susan, and fluff.Collapse )
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